Duality to Oneness – Repeat

Moments of conflict are followed by ones of love.
Periods of faltering empty into unprecedented stability.
Nervous doubts transform into blissful moments of just-being.

You are in the flow
and then you’re not.


Things alternate between the 1 and the 2; endlessly, it moves like a pendulum that never stops at either side. The art of Being might just be to discontinue resisting the movement of the pendulum, to go in and out and up and down with it as it swings.
You are an image of the breath of the universe, in and out as the waves come and go. Your breath imitates the swaying of it all– if you sit still and just breathe, your body might remember and you might actually perceive the natural swaying movement of your physical body. Only if you let go of the resistance, the command to “sit still”, you can feel the flow and be it.





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