Gong Vibrations

During a Gong meditation I attended lately, following revelation came to me:
I envisioned a tree. I witnessed the growth of that tree, from the first shoots till the farthest branches. As I watched the tree branching out, the leaves coming into shape, I realized, that the form the tree would take on had been determined all along.
I realized that I was that tree.

I understood that there is a mould for who I am meant to be, that my final form is already definite and I am in the process of simply being cast into shape.

Everything that happens is like a story being read out loud. The reader might not know what’s going to happen a few pages ahead from here, nevertheless it has already been written. So as you are reading, you are discovering what’s been meant to be read all along.

This analogies of determinism are not the outcome of a cognitive process, but of meditation. To my rational mind, they might not even make sense. They might not be coherent with some other theories that resonate with me…
But they do fulfill my being with a profound calm and trust that everything’s gonna be alright.





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