The Magic of Reality

I used to think there was nothing more dull than reality.
There were times when I preferred my dreams at night to my waking life.
My perception since then has changed drastically, and I owe it to a great extent to spiritual practice and the resulting broadening of my awareness.
If reality seems grey and unamusing to you, I would like you to ask yourself:
Am I really looking?

On the train, when the sun is flickering through the trees rushing by the window, it projects a spectacle onto the retina through your closed eyelids. Nothing to do but sit back and enjoy the view from the inside.
Looking through squinted eyes toward the sun, there are numerous rainbows on your eyelashes only you can see.
In every drop of dew, you can see a reflection of the world.
Every leaf, petal, twig, blade of grass, carries vein-like patterns, similar to your own skin.
The moment a snowflake lands on your skin, melting down its fractal formation with your warmth.
How the ocean’s waves are moving back and forth in an endless rhythm…

It’s not little things. These are the things the world is made of. They are there to be witnessed. To be felt. We are trained to take them for granted in order to be more efficient. But we can decide to notice and celebrate their existence.
If you allow these things to enter your awareness more often, you might be surprised by how exquisit the cold morning wind feels on your cheek.

And discover for yourself that there is nothing more psychedelic than reality.


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