Yoga, day after day

There is an analogy that came to my mind to give an idea about the importance of daily practice to people that find it extreme, dogmatic or simply cannot imagine to fit it in their lives. Can’t you experience just as much progress with practicing say, three times a week?
No. I do not think so.

Think of your Self as an ocean.
Think of one unity of practice– in my case, a set of exercises called a Kriya in the tradition of Kundalini Yoga followed by relaxation and meditation– as a wave.
Each new unity, when practiced in regularity, will expand its wave, eventually resulting in an interference pattern with all the previous ones.
Leaving out a unity for a day or two would shatter this pattern, and thus throw you back a few steps if not more.

Instead of practicing yoga every time I felt I needed it, I am now practicing daily, which results in me not even getting to a place of neediness anymore. Daily practice turned me to being in and of my power constantly and not dropping out of it ever.
Ok, let’s say for the most part.

Now, I am not one for dogmatism.
So I was questioning– am I getting too obsessive when it comes to daily practice?
Is it an issue to feel as though something would go heavily wrong if I miss out on practicing only one day?

Yoga has not only become my passion but my duty.
Yoga is a commitment to myself.
It is a commitment to not abandoning myself again.
To continuously taking care of my mind, body and soul, no matter
in what condition they might be.
A commitment to being there for myself, always.
To nourishing and to soothing myself.
A commitment to growth.
To following what I believe in.

What I am dependent on when I am dependent on Yoga practice, is essentially self-love.
And as they say…
Love yourself first, the rest will follow.


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