What is that spiritual practice for?

Malicious tongues might say, we all turn to spirituality out of despair.
This is in fact true for a great number of people, including myself.
Practicing spirituality for the sole purpose of feeling better about yourself seems like an egoistic motivation, doesn’t it?
But if we take a step back and look at the bigger picture, it turns out that bettering yourself results in bettering the world:

I would no longer walk this world in fear and anger.
If I was going to be a more conscious, peaceful,
loving and caring person, there would be one more conscious,
peaceful, loving and caring person walking this world.
And one less that is fearful and angry.

By taking care of yourself in a loving way, you are taking care of the people and, in fact, everything around you. We don’t even need to talk about interconnectedness here, it starts with things much more mundane: Every smile you exude is one more person being smiled at. And we all have experienced the power of an authentic smile from a stranger.

I’m warning you in advance.
A lot of my wordings may seem redundant.
For no other reason than this:
It often really is that simple.
We tend to overthink, ruminate and complicate things with rationalities.
It is easy to lose sight of what is right there when we are busy solving problems all day.
The way towards “illumination” has to do a lot with decluttering the mind, clearing the head from excess complication and recognizing simplicity.
Seeing clearly.


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